Grammy Nominated Artist, SaulPaul, is a Musician with a Message. When asked what his message is, he simply responds, “Listen to the music.” Lately, lots of people have been listening. In 2018 SaulPaul had 2 popular songs climb the charts and become #1 hits on Sirius XM radio. In 2019, 1 of those songs was still on the charts! 18 weeks and counting! Those that have followed SaulPaul’s career know that you never know what to expect. He headlined the Kiddie Stage both weekends at ACL.

SaulPaul is unique. And his collaborations are too. He has worked with artists from around the world. His most recent collaboration is with Latin Grammy winning artist, 123 Andrés for SaulPaul’s song, Home, which is featured on SaulPaul’s album, All Star Anthems. 

His latest venture includes the SaulPaul All Stars and the recent release of SaulPaul’s Alien Adventures.