About the Album

SaulPaul We Dream in 3D New AlbumAbout We Dream in 3D

My name is SaulPaul. I am a Musician with a Message.

I make music for people. I am an equal opportunity encourager. With this album, I wanted to make sure that my youngest listeners get access to my music and my message.

For We Dream in 3D, I took some of my most popular songs and remixed them featuring some of the 100,000+ young people I’ve entertained, inspired and empowered over the years!

What’s Next?

I’ll be touring throughout the country coming to a city near you. Super excited to be sharing my remixed and re-imagined album, We Dream in 3D, with you!

About SaulPaul

SaulPaul transitioned from tragedy to triumph and dedicated his life to serving others and helping them live their dreams.

Now SaulPaul is a Musician with a Message. Part rapper/part singer songwriter, SaulPaul travels the world entertaining and inspiring audiences as he blends his voice, his guitar and his loop pedal to create a live show that is nothing less than an EXPERIENCE.

He’s performed at 2 TEDx Talks, 5 Super Bowls, America’s Got Talent and the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts.

And for the last decade, SaulPaul has impacted hundreds of thousands of students and student leaders across the world through his music, movies, mobile gaming apps, books and magazines.

We Dream In 3D is SaulPaul’s latest children’s album. It was written and produced for children and features talented youngstars on the project.

For this album, SaulPaul took some of his most popular songs and remixed them featuring some of the young people he has entertained, inspired and empowered over the years! Each song featured on the album has been re-imagined, remixed or re-recorded. New Beats, New Verses, New Music!

Co-Produced by 5 time Grammy Nominated producer Billy Smiley and SuperProducer Levester White.
Mastered by RIAA Certified Gold and Platinum record producer, engineer, composer and mastering engineer Tommy Gran and Forrest Cullotta of Stinson Studios.

SaulPaul also released a children’s picture book called RISE to accompany the album.


Dear SaulPaul,

On behalf of CDF Freedom Schools® Austin, I want to thank you for the gift of your time, as you visited us to read aloud during Harambee this summer. The scholars are fortunate to hear a variety of voices from a variety of faces (some from role models who look like them), and we appreciate that you were one of those voices. What a great experience for all of us. It’s great to know that the majority of our young folks here now have a passion for reading and a heart for social justice.

Recent Tour Stops

Benton, Arkansas: http://saulpaul.com/arkansas-biennial-school-health-conference/

Atlanta, Georgia: http://saulpaul.com/saulpaul-brings-music-message-salvation-army-kroc-center-atlanta-ga/

Other Cool We Dream in 3D News!

Starting Off Everything in my Hometown of Austin: http://saulpaul.com/freedom-schools-welcomes-saulpauls-dream-3d-music-movement/

My Lead Single, RISE, is on the Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child Radio Show: http://saulpaul.com/saulpauls-new-single-rise-upcoming-album-dream-3d-officially-added-bill-childs-nationally-syndicated-radio-show-spare-rock-spoil-child/


Be on the lookout for the live Studio 1A performance coming to a city near you in addition to the interview with Elizabeth McQueen on KUTX 98.9 FM – The Austin Music Experience.

I brought along one of the featured artists from the We Dream in 3D Album to perform live after my interview with Elizabeth from KUTX.