FYC: About the Album – All Star Anthems

A NEW family friendly danceable musical soundtrack for successful living for kids and their grown ups!!!

In the last 12 months, I visited 29 Cities in 13 different states while I performed 94 concerts and entertained, inspired and interacted with over 35,000 concert attendees!

This album consists of the crowd favorites. It’s the anthems!

It’s a family friendly dance album that serves as a soundtrack to successful living!
I call successful living SHINING! So this album is all about SHINING and living your best life.
And part of living your best life is being a great neighbor and friend.
Kindness is cool and this album speaks to that.

This album is all about young people, made for young people and features and highlights young people.

These SaulPaul All Stars are featured on the interludes, singing the hooks, rapping the verses and chanting and performing the choral parts. Each song even has a dance and/or choreography that accompanies it and I have young people that helped create it and the instructional videos that we will be releasing.

Being able to provide opportunities to young people and let them shine right now is just part of my DNA. It’s what I’m all about.

What’s Next?

I’ll be touring throughout the country coming to a city near you. Super excited to be sharing my newest album, All Star Anthems! Until I come to your city, listen to the music here: http://wedreamin3d.com/listen-now-all-star-anthems/