Listen to We Dream in 3D, The Album

1. Shine Right Now (Intro)

This is the intro to the album. It’s a chorus about empowerment served over vocal percussion and acoustic guitar with some young people helping on the hook for good measure.

 2. Rise (Remix)

Rise is a song of empowerment and awakening. Originally, Rise was an acoustic song that was just me and my guitar. For the remix, I re-imagined the song with big drums, beautiful sounds and a petite 11 year old vocalist with a voice as powerful as the words of the chorus.

 3. Encourage Me (Remix)

I wrote this song from the perspective of a child as I rapped the verses. I wrote the chorus with a children’s choir in mind. I knew it would be powerful to hear them saying the words “Encourage Me, Don’t Discourage Me, I Can Be Anything.” The vocal producer I worked with was amazing to watch as she directed the kids. She was so good, I had to get her on the song as well. While reluctant at first, after she decided to record her voice on the track, she added the perfect amount of soul to the song. I believe there is no limit to a child’s potential and the goal for the song was to unlock that potential.


4. Mama (Live from Austin)

How can you have a children’s album and not have a song about Mamas?! Mothers make the world go ’round. The song is a tribute to all the mothers and mother like figures who have exhibited sacrificial love for their children. My mother passed away when I was three but my grandmother was gracious enough to adopt me and raise me as her own. I called her Mama. I wrote this song to her. This was recorded live in the studio with amazing musicians. I make music with friends. I had a friend on drums, bass, electric guitar and piano. It also features scratches from my friend DJ BrimLo. This was all recorded live in one-take. Live from Austin, Texas!

5. We Dream In 3D

Before this was a fully produced song, it was a proclamation I had children say at my shows. I would say it and they would repeat after me. For the album version of the song, I took audio from one of my live shows and built the song around that. First came the vocals, then came the guitar. Next was the beat. Then the melody with me singing over the chant. I had as much fun producing this as the kids have when we perform it live!

6. Do that Hula-Hoop (Remix)


You will start bobbing your head just by listening to the first beat in this song.

The advantage I had in recording this album is that I performed the music first and then recorded it. After hundreds of performances where I saw thousands of kids dancing and hula hooping to the song, I chose to use my lyrics to paint that picture. Full Disclosure: I provide hula hoops at the concert. 🙂 The song in general though…. It all started with a great beat! As soon as listeners hear the beat, everyone races to the dance floor. The hula hoops are just an added benefit. Play it loud! And Do That Hula Hoop!

7. Texas Two Step


So…have you ever seen a few hundred kids doing the same dance at the same time? It’s a beautiful thing. Especially when it’s your song! I taught the crowd how to do the dance and then opened up the stage aka the gymnasium floor to whoever wanted to join me. Hundreds of kids came running to the stage where I was and they all did my dance – The Texas Two Step while I performed. #MindBlown

8. One Word, Two Capitals


People often say and spell my name wrong. In this light hearted yet informative public service announcement, I clarify how it is spelled. Not Sean Paul, not Sao Paulo, not South Paw… It’s SaulPaul. One word, two capitols. SaulPaul.

9. Be the Change


This song is an anthem for young people. ‘Nuff said! The youth are the future. It was fun to translate this message of empowerment for a children’s audience. The lyrics are littered with sports references and stick to the theme of friends and family. The music was meant to feel bright, upbeat, energetic and joyous. I want the listener to have as much fun as the kids did recording it.

10. Motivation (Remix)


One reviewer of the song wrote, “A song about reaching goals and pushing one’s self towards greatness, Motivation is a another collaborative work on the album and a cultural hip-hop fusion song that communicates pride and unity.” Yeah…what they said. LOL. Musically, as I thought about changing the world…it lead me to produce music that felt like world music. Back to what the reviewer wrote,

“Listeners will be inspired by the messages of determination and challenging the restrictions that others may have set for them. This work also expresses the importance of showing compassion for one another not just to make the world a better place but to also grow themselves.” Yeah…all that.

11. Si Se Puede


My first bilingual song! Finally! I had been wanting to write this song for a while and then one day, 5 minutes before a show started, it came to me. I immediately incorporated it in the set and the kids loved it. I then worked on it over the next few weeks and was very pleased with how it turned out. Similar to the song We Dream in 3D, this song was produced using real audio from a show. This is one of my favorite songs on the album.

For Your Consideration in the 60th Annual Grammy Awards®:
We Dream in 3D – Best Children’s Album, SaulPaul

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