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KUT Review: ‘RAP unzel’ the play + featured music from SaulPaul is a must see!

If you didn’t already know, SaulPaul’s music is featured in the new children’s play, Rap Unzel. This play is an original musical based off the classic Rapunzel story. SaulPaul’s music not only appeared in the play, but SaulPaul also made a special appearance in the play debut weekend and is planning on making another special appearance soon! This …

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The Good Stuff!

The school year has started and it has been an amazing time! With SaulPaul All Stars clubs launching it has been exciting to see all the new faces across the country at schools! Over the summer, SaulPaul spent some time with the Good Stuff Family and shared some of his recent highlights. Yes! SaulPaul freestyled …

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Six year old “Master Jack” Culbertson interviews Austinite of the Year and 2-Time TEDx musical performer SaulPaul

Singer songwriter, and performer SaulPaul is no stranger to the world of interviews but Jack Culbertson aka “Master Jack,” was quite the aspiring professional at just six years old. In Master Jack’s debut interview, he asked SaulPaul a series of thought provoking questions with a special interest in the message behind SaulPaul’s music. “What was …