Featured Article: This Austin Musician Helps Kids to “Rise”

Chief Editor, Sherida Mock from Austin Family Magazine spent an afternoon with Musician with a Message, SaulPaul sharing about his career as a musician and much more! He talked about the impact of songs with uplifting lyrics and how he spends a good part of the year visiting schools and talking to students about big subjects: what’s important in life, how to set goals and the importance of following your dreams.

He knows something about goals and dreams. He has two TED talks under his belt.

In 2017, SaulPaul was named Austinite of the Year by Austin 40 under 40. He’s featured in the song “Mo’ Math Mo’ Money,” which encourages students to enroll in higher-level math courses. And at this writing, his song “Rise” has appeared on the Sirius XM charts for nine weeks straight.

“It’s great that I’m at this place in my career where I can speak with authority,” he says. “That carries more weight, especially with young people.” SaulPaul spoke with Austin Family Magazine also about his music and his latest album, “We Dream in 3D.”

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