SaulPaul’s Texas Two Step takes Bailey Middle School by a Storm

Who said Monday’s have to start of slow? Not when a Monday falls on the same day as a visit and live performance from SaulPaul. It started off with a select group of students watching SaulPaul perform his song, Rise…. And let’s just say that by the end of the day, SaulPaul had everyone out of the bleachers, even the faculty.

In the first session, SaulPaul shared how he managed to find his way in life by setting a vision for his life that would help him stay focused when challenges emerged. Leadership and Life Choices was the theme. After a workshop session, where SaulPaul showed off his freestyle skills, he left the students in awe. As he was transitioning to the main assembly performance, students shared their own stories and dreams; The students were not ready for SaulPaul to leave Bailey MS, but luckily the show was not over.

Next up: Over 750 students and teachers were waiting for him in the gym where he continued his music with a message.  The energy in the gym was electric. SaulPaul ended the day with the Texas Two Step and the students were so hyped for his performance that when he asked students to join him, they all rushed down from the bleachers, and then before you know it, teachers were jumping in on all the fun.

Bailey Middle School was a success! The next stop? SaulPaul’s “We Dream In 3D” Music and Arts Festival in two weeks at Nland Surf Park.

Click the link below for a sneak peak for a recap of last year’s festival: