New Music From SaulPaul: Best Day Ever

New music from SaulPaul! If you had the best day ever, what would you do?

Inspired by conversations with kids about what their perfect day would look like, SaulPaul crafted his latest song, Best Day Ever. Catchy and anthemic, the song is for ears young and old, and is meant to inspire others to imagine and create a better world for everyone.

Check out this new fully animated music video with a cool SaulPaul avatar guiding viewers around a day of things we like best like go-karting, camping, skydiving, going to a waterpark, or even just playing outside. Be on the lookout for SaulPaul’s newest album, Okay To Be Different, the first album he’s released under 8 Pound Gorilla Records.

You can check out the full music video below.