Be the Change by SaulPaul


SaulPaul leads by example by being the change and building bridges in his own music community. For the first time he created a purposefully collaborative album, working with friends and peers to expand the sound, the musical influences and the voices in his music. On the Be The Change album, he created a diverse album to reflect the integrated world our children live in and to make sure everyone feels included. The collection embraces our differences and defies musical categorization blending Hip-hop, folk, reggae, dance, pop, Latin rhythms, and storytelling. His guests are a talented group of artists from the kids music world including Grammy®-Nominated Alphabet Rockers, Grammy®-Nominated Lori Henriques, Red Yarn, Mo Phillips and Grammy® Award Winner Lucy Kalantari and Latin Grammy® Award Winner, 123 Andres.



1. Vibes ft. Alphabet Rockers and Denzil Findley

SaulPaul enlisted some major star power for this pulsating Dancehall-ish Top 40 song by featuring 2x Grammy Award Nominees Alphabet Rockers and Reggae artist Denzil Finley. The song opens up with SaulPaul and by the time you get to the hook the party is started and doesn’t stop.

2. Vamonos ft. 123 Andrés

Vamonos is the follow up song to “Home,” which was the 2018 chart topping song featuring SaulPaul and Grammy Award Winner 123 Andrés. This bilingual song paired with an infectious reggaeton beat along with SaulPaul and 123 Andrés rapping and singing in English and Spanish, is about being brave and stepping into your moment; It will surely prove to be another radio main stay.

3. Celebrate ft. Nikki B

Celebrate is an infectious, big beat crowd-pleaser. This song features SaulPaul and frequent collaborator Nikki B. With purposeful auto-tuned vocals, this songs will fit perfectly on radio between other radio songs of the summer.

4. Dance and Flow ft. Lori Henriques

Grammy Nominated Artist Lori Henriques and SaulPaul didn’t just make a song to dance to, they made a song about dancing. This song is all things opposites that go together well. Like peanut butter and jelly. One is stiff and one is jiggly. But together they come together for the perfect combination. That’s what this song is like. The goodness of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

5. Rainbow ft. Lucy Kalantari

Grammy Award Winner Lucy Kalantari and SaulPaul present intelligent pop music at it’s finest. Prepare to dance as you soak in this energetic beat, catchy hook, amazing vocals and creative flows.

6. Once Upon a Time

SaulPaul has always been known for his storytelling skills. In this song, over a poignant piano driven beat, life lessons abound as SaulPaul tells the true story of two young people.

7. I Am Enough

A piano based sing-songy, feel good anthem for the young listener. The entire song can serve as a cheat sheet of positive affirmations for young listeners to sing along, speak or read aloud.

8. SP PSA – Be the Change

SaulPaul launched the Be The Change movement 5 years ago. Since then, he has presented dozens of keynotes on the subject as well as performed hundreds of concerts impacting more than a hundred thousand students with his message. On this interlude, SaulPaul explains what it means to Be The Change.

9. Stardust ft. Mo Phillips

Beautiful guitar, hypnotic Latin inspired rhythm provide the backdrop for this ethereal song where SaulPaul raps and sings alongside ukulele strumming maestro Mo Phillips.

10. The Quilt ft. Red Yarn

A lush folk song featuring SaulPaul singing alongside Folk-Rock artist Red Yarn. Song written by SaulPaul and Red Yarn. Co-Produced by Grammy Award Winning Producer Dean Jones and SaulPaul.

11. Hands in the Sky (Acoustic)

SaulPaul’s acoustic style is a little different than what you would expect to hear from a traditional acoustic musician because others don’t usually beatbox, rap and sing. Yet, armed with only his guitar and loop pedal, SaulPaul recreates his song, Hands in the Sky. Acoustic or not, this song will have heads bobbing and hands in the sky.

12. Rise – Violin Remix ft. JC Stringz

Instrumental remix of SaulPaul’s chart topping song featuring young, black and gifted violinist JC Stringz.

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For over a decade singer songwriter, poet, and award winning musician SaulPaul has earned an international reputation as an artist and activist known for entertaining and inspiring audiences across the world. The seasoned and well-traveled talent has toured all over the US, performing for audiences from The Kennedy Center to Google, not to mention countless public schools across the country. SaulPaul uses his platform to promote social good and advocate for youth. Ever since merging his interest in freestyling with songwriting, SaulPaul has developed a distinctive sound that has taken him to such places as America’s Got Talent, TEDx, the BET Music Matters Showcase as well as esteemed industry events like Folk Alliance, SXSW & ACL. SaulPaul’s has had 2 #1 songs on Sirius/XM’s Kids Place Live, “Rise” and “Home” which charted there for well over 4 months and 1 Top 5 & 1 Top 15 album at iTunes. At home, SaulPaul has been recognized throughout Texas as a local legend and force for good. He won the 2017 Austinite of the Year Award at the AU40 awards, and was named the Creative Ambassador of Austin.


It was an honor to work on this album with these amazingly talented musicians and friends from the music community including Grammy®-Nominated Alphabet Rockers, Grammy®-Nominated Lori Henriques, Red Yarn, Mo Phillips and Grammy® Award Winner Lucy Kalantari and Latin Grammy® Award Winning, 123 Andres.