Career Day with SaulPaul at Langford Elementary

This morning SaulPaul was greeted with friendly faces at Langford Elementary to kick off their Career Day event. While there, he spent his morning encouraging and inspiring youth to Dream in 3D and recognize that their time is right NOW! He shared about his experience as a musician and encouraged them to explore their gifts, talents and to inquire about other featured professions through the special Career Day event. The students were full of energy and awe as he performed songs from his forthcoming album, We Dream in 3D.

The kids had an awesome time during his Career Day performance and presentation and left inspired to Dream in 3D and make their dreams a reality. One student shared that he was really inspired to start dreaming about her future and wanted to be a doctor one day. Others talked about becoming lawyers, firefighters, gymnasts and musicians. SaulPaul was excited about the opportunity to inspire them to dream and create future goals for their life.

SaulPaul’s upcoming project and album – We Dream in 3D – is just about that – inspiring and empowering young people to Dream in 3D all while entertaining.

Look out for his upcoming album coming this summer.