Eat the Marshmallow gives SaulPaul’s Latest Album a Glowing Review

Great news! We were excited to hear that SaulPaul received a glowing review from Eat the Marshmallow regarding his latest album, All Star Anthems. The review expresses how “All Star Anthems is a record that tells you exactly what it’s about. Songs all orbit around the theme of living your best life and celebrating yourself. SaulPaul is encouraging his audience to sincerely put their best foot forward at all times, especially in the face of adversity.” SaulPaul works hard to make sure that his music inspires all of his listeners. He does this by creating music where the “hooks are catchy and the verses are snappy, brimming with positive messages.” Thank you to Eat the Marshmallow and reviewer,  for such a wonderful review. If you haven’t already, go and check out all the amazing feedback by clicking here.

All About Eat the Marshmallow

Eat the Marshmallow is an independently-run online magazine for parents of alternative learners and creative kids that defy categorization. Their hopes are to create a supportive community that centralizes ideas and resources to best support children who might otherwise be misunderstood or overlooked by educators, coaches, and other significant influencers in their lives. Eat the Marshmallow sees their value and greatness. This is their contribution towards helping you appreciate the children you have and to help you navigate the complex waters of parenting these little raging individuals. It takes a village.


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