Fun at Ernie’s on the Lake with Musician’s Woodshed

We Dream in 3D Alum Cover

When people think of a perfect evening in Texas they imagine cool breezes, live music, family fun all wrapped in one. Well, this is exactly what Ernie’s on the Lake with Musician’s Woodshed entailed. The cold front flowed perfectly with the activities on the lake and made a more relaxing time for the families and the performers, Musicians Woodshed and SaulPaul who are used to the Texas heat. SaulPaul started of the show with songs off his new album, “We Dream in 3D “.

About The Show

During the show SaulPaul also captivated his audience by encouraging them to get involved in the music with his interactive songs like Texas Two Step and Do That Hula Hoop. To get the crowd even more involved he did an interactive wordplay with the crowd where they gave him words to rhyme and he has to come up with lyrics on the spot, putting his lyrical talents to the test! SaulPaul also performed “Rise” with the wonderful Alexia, who is a student at Musician’s Woodshed and also featured on his single Rise.

About The Album

“We Dream in 3D”  was released on September 26th and can be found on itunes and bandcamp. SaulPaul wanted this project to be a children’s album.  On this album he joined forces with the many children and teens he impacted over the years and remixed his most popular songs with them. He encourages his fans to make their dream reality.

About Musician’s Woodshed

Musician’s Woodshed is a locally owned and operated music store. They offer guitar and music retail, music lessons and recording studio services to the Austin area. At Ernie’s on the Lake, all the students who have been working hard during voice lessons or with their instrument got to show off their unique talent to the hundreds of people that night.

Once again, SaulPaul made an impact on the students and families that evening with his powerful lyrics and his desire to make a difference. People know it is a great time when not only the kids are dancing, but the adults are too.

Special thank you to Musician’s Woodshed for inviting us out to this memorable event.