SaulPaul Delivers Strong Start Kidznotes Keynote

Kidznotes StrongStart Teacher Training invited SaulPaul as the Keynote Speaker to inspire the teachers for the new school year ahead! SaulPaul entertained, inspired and empowered arts educators working with students during the pandemic. The keynote featured inspirational music from SaulPaul’s NEW album Be The Change. His message was all about engagement!

This is what Kidznotes had to say about the performance:

“WOW! What an inspiring morning at our StrongStart Teacher Training this morning with keynote speaker, artist, musician and change maker, SaulPaul! Thank you, SaulPaul! Starting this year leaning into JOY, TRUST, LOVE, PRIVILEGE and VISION!”

Haven’t heard SaulPaul’s NEW Be The Change album? Listen here! Want to get involved in the Be The Change Challenge? Join here!


About Kidznotes

Kidznotes is a music for social change program based on the El Sistema model of youth orchestras, which started in Venezuela and has now spread worldwide. Kidznotes engages students pre-K through 12th grade in an intense out-of-school musical program that includes instrumental instruction, choir, music theory, general music, orchestra, and band. Their classes are taught by Teaching Artists who are committed to teaching young students. The program operates 8 hours per week, 35 weeks a year, and in a 2-3 week Summer Camp.

Their vision is to be a catalyst for change that uses music to build a thriving network of children, families and partners in which the passion for music unleashes the human potential to transform lives and communities. The foundation of our vision is our commitment to embrace and value diversity, excellence and collaboration in our daily lives.Kidznotes students are demonstrating positive development across a variety of indicators, including musical proficiency, academic performance and personal/social growth. In qualifying Kidznotes’ impact on school success when compared to their peers, data indicates that students participating in Kidznotes:

  • Attend school more often;
  • Start from behind in terms of school-readiness for the 3rd or 4th grade; however, after 1-2 years of Kidznotes, score at or on-par when compared to state mean scores on end of grade tests for their schools and grades;
  • Are more frequently identified as “A” or “B” students in the classroom;
  • Are more willing to ask for help when they need it;
  • Are more frequently identified as having self-determination and persistence

Learn more about the work Kidznotes does in their community here.