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All Star Anthems

This album is all about young people, made for young people and features and highlights young people.

These SaulPaul All Stars are featured on the interludes, singing the hooks, rapping the verses and chanting and performing the choral parts.

Each song even has a dance and/or choreography that accompanies it and I have young people that helped create it and the instructional videos that we will be releasing.

Being able to provide opportunities to young people and let them shine right now is just part of my DNA. It’s what I’m all about.

Click below to listen to each song on the album or click here to view the one sheet.

1. Hands in the Sky

2. 60 Seconds with SaulPaul

3. Choose

4. Ridin Out

5. Home ft. 123 Andres

6. Jack’s Back (Interlude)

7. Texas Two Step WeMix (Acoustic)

8. Me, Gumby and My 6 String

9. Music Music Music

10. I Can Be

11. Hula Hoop WeMix

12. We Dream In 3D Remix ft. Lil Mike

13. SaulPaul All Stars (Acoustic)

14. Rise Remix

For Your Consideration in the 61st Annual Grammy Awards®:
All Star Anthems – Best Children’s Album, SaulPaul

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