SaulPaul’s Album, We Dream in 3D, featured in The Newest Kid-Friendly Albums to Put on Repeat This Summer

Red Tricycle, a community for parents who like to enjoy time with their kids, came out with a list of kid-friendly albums to have on repeat this summer. SaulPaul was honored to be on this special list; They are committed to helping every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. “Summer is here, and you’re going to need a soundtrack for all your adventures,” shared Red Tricycle. The glowing review shared that “SaulPaul makes acoustic hip-hop that the whole family is sure to love. Each song contains positive messages of unity, compassion and self-confidence (plus they’ll make you get up and dance, too).”

You can check the rest of the article here.

About Red Tricycle
We believe the best memories are created when families do fun things together and we believe every day is an opportunity to create new stories. Our mission is to help every parent feel like a rock star by inspiring them to do fun things with their kids. We offer ideas that are aspirational and actionable that you can do at home, in your city or wherever your adventures take you. We know you’re busy (we’ve got kids too), so we wade through the multitude of ideas to present a small, well-edited list of activities that are really worth your time. We also love hearing your suggestions (Know a great camping spot? A recipe for making bubbles? A lunchbox hack? Let us know). We’ll do our best to organize the information in an easy-to-skim format, so you can spend less time in front of a computer screen and more time on things that really matter –like making snow angels or digging for buried treasure. Now get out of here. Skedaddle. Go build a sand castle. Or fly a kite. Get Out and Play!