It’s Official: Game On for Park and Recreation Month with SaulPaul

Happy Park and Recreation Month! Throughout July, SaulPaul and the NRPA (National Recreation and Parks Association) are celebrating all of the great things that are happening in local parks and recreation centers nationwide. This year’s theme for Park and Recreation Month is Game On, and SaulPaul wants everyone to get their game faces on for Park and Rec month!

Listen to the interview where SaulPaul chats with the NRPA about why he decided to spread his “Be the Change” message to local park and recreation departments, and the work that he’s been doing in communities across the country to entertain, inspire and empower people of all ages and abilities. SaulPaul is now encouraging people to get outdoors and celebrate parks and recreation in style!

In the NRPA’s podcast below, SaulPaul explains the inspiration for the #ParkRecTwoStepChallenge, a video contest open throughout July encouraging people to get creative, active and have some fun! Tune in to the episode below to learn more — and find out how you can win weekly prizes and the chance to have SaulPaul come film the official Park Rec Two Step music video in your hometown!

You can also listen the song, by visiting here.