New Video! SaulPaul Featured on Flor Bromley’s Song “Peas and Carrots”

A nutritious and diverse song. SaulPaul is featured on Flor Bromley’s song “Peas and Carrots”. The song blends hip hop with a Peruvian influence to create a fun song for all ages. The mixed vegetables are an allusion to bringing diversity into music and how it’s fun to be open to embrace our differences when we create something new. The song is included on Flor’s newest album “Pachamama”, and you can check out the new music video below!


About Flor Bromley

Originally from Peru, Flor shares the Latin American experience through songs and storytelling as a recording artist, bilingual singer/songwriter, actress, storyteller and puppeteer. She performs all over New York at venues like NYPL, WaveHill, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and more. Check out her website here.