Rainbow: New Music Video Created by Evelyn Jade Fatuch

Wow! SaulPaul was blown away when he saw this video! Created by eight year old multi-talented hard working Evelyn Jayde Fatuch who goes by Young Fatuch!!! You might have seen her in the Home music video ft. 123 Andrés, during Chuy’s Thanksgiving Parade or at the Waller Creek Conservancy Annual Creek Show! She is mutli-talented and we are excited to share her work as part of the mission of the SaulPaul All Stars, which is to empower young people!!!

She wanted to make people happy while everyone was at home and found that stop motion was a great way to have fun. Evelyn Jade chose to bring her creative skills to the world by animating SaulPaul’s song, Rainbow, which also features Grammy Award Winner Lucy Kalantari from SaulPaul’s latest album, Be the Change. Evelyn Jade imagined the whole video, created and crafted the characters and the story and took the time to animate every single detail. Prepare to dance along to the music as you soak in this energetic beat, catchy hook, amazing vocals, creative flows and now… fun video!!!! She wanted to share that even when things are hard we can always find something positive to do to spread love!

When asked about her inspiration, she said, “I was inspired to bring my play world to life with one of my all time favorite artists SaulPaul! I love rainbows and was inspired to bring SaulPaul into space since the universe has amazing rainbow colors too! I used different materials throughout, painting scenery, creating props and figures to use including a robot I created with my dad and crystal staffs created with some of my favorite rocks, using green screen, drawing, and crafting to make it all come together.”
She has since created 62 clay guys to donate to a retirement home near her home for the holidays to bring some cheer. Be sure to watch the video below and if you would like to listen to the song or the full album via iTunes, Bandcamp or any other major music outlet. Catch Young Fatuch on IG at www.instagram.com/evelynjaydeproductions/