SaulPaul Entertains and Inspires Smith Elementary Students

IMG_7600Being able to wake up hundreds of elementary school students in the morning is not an easy task. For SaulPaul though, it was just another walk in the park. The show began exactly on time and the rest was history. From the first song to the last song everyone in the room couldn’t help but not sit still. Working and entertaining the crowd is something that not every artist can do, but for SaulPaul this is were he feels more comfortable.

At the onset, SaulPaul shared his music with the crowd. Then, he shared images from the new book he will be releasing later this summer – Rise. The new book is a children’s book with illustrated images from artist, Sarah Stanford.

SaulPaul_Smith_Elementary_1Making sure to value the time of the school, SaulPaul had the students and teachers engaged in several activities in which he brought the house down. The students were full of energy and he not only matched it but took them to another level of fun and entertainment. Everyone had a blast and wanted SaulPaul to continue his performance but his performance was the kick off to a celebration of art activities throughout the day. If you were not able to attend SaulPaul’s performance stay tuned for future dates and concerts.