SaulPaul Featured on Mommies Reviews

Best Day Ever has received a feature on Mommies Reviews! The article features the new single and it’s animated music video. Best Day Ever’s inspiration was conversations with real kids about what their ideal day would be like, and along with the single, Okay to be Different’s full track list is featured as well. “The lyrics deal with important growing-up issues like self esteem and friendship. These are universal themes which will appeal to SaulPaul’s fans of all ages.”

SaulPaul also says, “If I had to describe each song with one word, I’d list them as Joy. Hope. Heart. Friendship. Energy. Inspiration. Motivation. The basic message is to love yourself and love others.” The album is meant to have the listener come away with messages of acceptance and understanding.

To read the full article, you can check it out here.