SaulPaul Presents “Be the Change”

On August 28,  SaulPaul presents Be The Change, his third high energy album for kids. On the new positive 12 song collection SaulPaul takes action through authentic expression by spreading his motivational guidance through a unique and fan-approved approach to family music.

Since he entered the all-ages music scene in 2017, SaulPaul has aimed to make albums that are fun and accessible for all families. Be The Change with its lively approach does that while inspiring and empowering young people to live their best lives and help others do the same. His songs share messages of how children can “Be The Change” whether by being kind and caring or by being brave, speaking up and living their truths. He encourages children to feel good about themselves by practicing self love and by inspiring others in their community with their actions.

In his own life, SaulPaul has personally transitioned from tragedy to triumph and for the last decade he has entertained and educated using the messages that helped him succeed. He says “I believe that my voice, lessons learned from my journey and my input are more important than ever at this time. I had to release this album now because timing is everything. My grandmother taught me that being kind makes a difference. And it is my belief that by being kind, you can Be The Change. I want kids to open up their eyes and if they see some place where they can make a positive difference, to feel encouraged to step up, step into it and Be The Change.”

SaulPaul leads by example by being the change and building bridges in his own music community. For the first time he created a purposefully collaborative album, working with friends and peers to expand the sound, the musical influences and the voices in his music. On Be The Change he created a diverse album to reflect the integrated world our children live in and to make sure everyone feels included. The collection embraces our differences and defies musical categorization blending Hip-hop, folk, reggae, dance, pop, Latin rhythms, and storytelling. His guests are a talented group of artists from the kids music world including The Alphabet Rockers, Lori Henriques, Red Yarn, Mo Phillips and Grammy winner Lucy Kalantari and Latin Grammy winner 123 Andres.

Andra Liemandt of the Grammy Museum says “This album infuses the current musical landscape with something desperately needed right now: hope. These songs get into your body, they’re infectious, and as soon as I heard them, I couldn’t help but move.

SaulPaul acknowledges that parents, teachers, caregivers, librarians, school counselors and staff will need extra support this upcoming school year so in addition to the music he is releasing a companion learning guide full of activities that families and educators can use to build on the songs and extend the learning. Each song on Be The Change has educational components integrated into it in the areas of: Social Emotional Learning, Language Arts, Movement and Dance, Interactive Engagement and Conversation Starters. As with all of this albums, the music also promotes the development of leadership, communication skills and a growth mindset approach.

With the release of the new album SaulPaul is also launching the 30 Day Be The Change Challenge. If you’re a parent, do it with your kids. If you’re a teacher or educator, do it with students. Accepting the Challenge is simple – Just choose 30 acts of kindness, one for each day, to do with your youth! Visit for more details.

Be The Change will be available August 28, 2020 digitally everywhere families are searching for positive music. Visit for future event dates.


  1. Vibes (ft. Alphabet Rockers and Denzil Findley)
  2. Vamonos (ft. 123 Andrés)
  3. Celebrate (ft. Nikki B)
  4. Dance and Flow (ft. Lori Henriques)
  5. Rainbow (ft. Lucy Kalantari)
  6. Once Upon a Time
  7. I Am Enough
  8. SP PSA – Be the Change
  9. Stardust (ft. Mo Phillips)
  10. The Quilt (ft. Red Yarn)
  11. Hands in the Sky (Acoustic)
  12. Rise Violin Remix (ft. JC Stringz)