The Secret’s Out: All Star Anthems Has Been Released!!!

ALL STAR ANTHEM ALBUM COVER - SaulPaulJust in time for the back to school season, SaulPaul drops his latest project, All Star Anthems, an inspiring dance album for grade school audiences that promotes social and emotional learning.

Early 2018 brought the introduction of Austin’s SaulPaul to the family music universe. The self-proclaimed “musician with a message,” who merges free-styling with songwriting was met with open arms and airwaves by the tastemakers of the youth focused genre. His latest creation, All Star Anthems delivers an entertaining family-friendly collection of empowering tunes meant to function as a soundtrack to successful living.

The album features many impressive young talents who SaulPaul refers to as “SaulPaul All Stars”. “I call successful living SHINING and this project is all about shining and living your best life. It’s is an album made for young people that features and highlights them. These ‘SaulPaul All Stars’ are featured on the interludes, singing the hooks, rapping the verses and chanting and performing the choral parts.” says SaulPaul. “Being able to provide opportunities to young people and let them shine right now is just part of my DNA. It’s what I’m all about.” In addition to featuring groups of students from across the country, SaulPaul spotlights All Stars Alexia (age 12) from his hit “Rise”, Lil Mike (age 11) and Jack (age 7). The talented and precocious Jack is also heard throughout the album in a series of interludes where he interviews SaulPaul with questions that young fans frequently ask the singer.

Kicking the whole thing off is “Hands in the Sky”, an uplifting feel good anthem featuring voices of All Stars from across the country and “Choose”, a melodic tune that’s a proclamation of positivity. “Riding Out” is all about having a good time and good expectation playing off of one SaulPaul’s most popular live songs “#ShineRightNow”. Special guest Latin Grammy Award Winning Artist 123 Andres joins the rapper on “Home” which promotes unity and inclusion. SaulPaul performs the song in English and Spanish while 123 Andres showcases his pitch perfect beautiful voice. The song “Me, Gumby and My 6 String” brings the fun with a fictitious story about the legendary Gumby and SaulPaul taking a trip to another planet, listen close to learn the new dance taught in the song.

“Music, Music, Music” offers a creative tune that features animated lyrics over a very musical track featuring horns, keys, chords, triangle, bass, percussion, xylophone and even cowbell! How do we know? Because SaulPaul highlights each instrument in the song as it introduced. On “I Can Be” he gives us a high energy song about empowerment and fun that was recorded with the help of a dozen kids each getting a chance to participate and record a lyric. The track “SaulPaul All Stars” presents an acoustic song with SaulPaul and a dozen littles who sing the theme song and what it means to be an “All Star”. Other selections include remixes of some of his hits including “Texas Two Step (Acoustic)” featuring kids chanting the familiar hook as SaulPaul performs over a track created with just his mouth and guitar, crowd favorite “Hula Hoop WeMix”, the chart topping “Rise Remix” and “We Dream in 3D Remix ft. Lil Mike” on which Lil Mike raps about his aspirations and inspiration.

All Star Anthems was produced by SaulPaul with co-producers including Latin Grammy Award Winner 123 Andres as well as SuperProducer Levester White. The album was mixed and mastered by engineer, composer and mastering engineer Forrest Culotta of Stinson Studios.

This school year SaulPaul will be launching SaulPaul All Stars Clubs which are a network of nationwide kids clubs that serve as a launchpad for young people at schools, parks and community organizations. The SaulPaul All Stars network also serves as a platform for community members to serve as community leaders. The goal is that by working together we can open doors, revealing opportunities and giving young people a step up to make better choices, create better lives and be change makers.

All Star Anthems will be available September 7, 2018 for purchase or streaming on Apple Music, Spotify and at iTunes, Amazon Music and anywhere families are searching for positive music.Visit for upcoming tour dates.

Ever since merging his interest in freestyling with songwriting, SaulPaul has developed a distinctive sound that has taken him to such places as America’s Got Talent, TEDx, the BET Music Matters Showcase, and SXSW as a featured performer. His debut single “Rise” from this first children’s hip hop album We Dream in 3D went to #1 at Sirius/XM’s Kids Place Live earlier this year. SaulPaul is a seasoned and well-traveled musician who has toured all over the US, performing for audiences from the Kennedy Center to Google, not to mention countless public schools across the country. At home, SaulPaul has been recognized throughout Texas as a local legend and force for good. SaulPaul won the 2017 Austinite of the Year Award at the AU40 awards, and was named the Creative Ambassador of Austin.

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