Matt Mazur features SaulPaul on his show, Turtle Dance Music

Matt Mazur of Turtle Dance Music featured SaulPaul on his show to talk about his new album Be The Change 🎵 and the Be The Change Challenge  🙌 . They talked about everything from touring to current events and his music that speaks to the moment we are in and his performance at Kukuza Fest. Among some of the songs, he performed, Rise was the fan favorite along with his latest song, Hands in the Sky, with the acoustic guitar.

This is what Matt Mazur, co-founder and director of Turtle Dance, had to say about SaulPaul’s new album Be The Change and the Be The Change Challenge:

“Your music is astounding. The new album is called Be the Change. You’ll want to check it out. It has amazing range. It’s all about changing situations in your’s so sharp and so crisp. It’s a higher level of thinking. If you want to check out SaulPaul’s music, amazing story amazing guy incredible achievements, make sure to check out the Be The Change Challenge. Jump in and get involved in the Be The Change Challenge. There’s a tribe of us who love to help other people so if you want to be in this tribe go to the Be the Change challenge and make sure you check out some of this amazing music with SaulPaul.”

Watch the full interview here! Haven’t heard SaulPaul’s NEW Be The Change album? Listen here! Want to get involved in the Be The Change Challenge? Join here!

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