New Video! SaulPaul Featured on New Lucy Kalantari Song

SaulPaul was recently featured on Lucy Kalantari’s new song, “What Kind of World?” The two have collaborated before. Lucy was featured on Be the Change’s song “Rainbow”. However, this time, Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats featured SaulPaul! And, he’s proud to announce the new lyric video for “What Kind of World?”! SaulPaul says that Lucy is very talented, very accomplished as a 2x GRAMMY Award winning artist and has a big heart with big ideas.

For the video, Lucy says, “It’s a big song with a BIG message, brought to visual life by Mayers Films in this wonderful video!…I’m SO PROUD of how this song went from being an idea with so many sounds in my head, to sketches and notes on paper and sheet music and zoom meetings, to this BIG recording!!!” SaulPaul is proud to be featured on this song, and you can check out the new lyric video below!

About Lucy Kalantari

Lucy Kalantari is a 2x GRAMMY® Award winning artist, composer and producer passionate about creating children’s media that brings joy, inspires community and highlights the power of resilience. She’s the frontwoman and bandleader for Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats, making bilingual, jazz age-inspired music for families. Her album All the Sounds, won the GRAMMY® Award for Best Children’s Album, bringing joy and pride to the Dominican Republic, where she grew up. Most recently, Kalantari produced, recorded and arranged the GRAMMY® Award winning album “All the Ladies,” by Joanie Leeds, an impactful collection of songs to empower young girls and shape future minds of the world.